Card clash solutions reviewed – mobile payments, rfid sleeves and card clash wallets.

I visited TFL today to see if they would look at offering the TAP Wallet to their customers as a solution to the card clash issue. They told me that they cannot enter into commercial partnerships but they think the product is great and sent me on my way with a “good luck!”.

While I was there I told the business development manager that although the number of calls to their contact centres are levelling out at around 1500 a day the issue will not go away. It also won’t be solved by just simply educating the customer.

The reason it won’t be solved this way is because even if the customer knows that card clash is an issue they are offered no physical solution. This results in panic when at the terminal as people scramble to ensure that only one card is used. And this panic has resulted in more dropped and lost cards, longer queues and an overall negative customer experience.

In this (slightly biased) post I highlight the solutions to card clash and give them ratings for effectiveness at solving the issue.

Mobile payments / Apple Pay
Mobile payments aren’t necessarily something new – but with TFL taking on Apple Pay as a partner could this be the card clash solution? I don’t think so. The reason I don’t is highlighted in this post but in brief it requires you to have an iPhone 6 or above (or watch) which a huge portion of people don’t. It also won’t replace a traditional wallet which people are in the habit of using.
Rating: 3 out of 5

RFID blocking cards sleeves
These sleeves go over your cards in your wallet to block the signals given out by your contactless card. Only problem is they bulk your wallet out unnecessarily and are a real pain to remove if you want to switch your card of choice!
Rating: 1 out of 5

Anti card clash wallet – The Tap Wallet
My wallet is a traditional wallet with a twist. All your cards inside the wallet are protected with signal blocking technology sewn into the lining. A pocket at the back allows signals through – meaning you can put your card of choice in this pocket and easily pay with just a tap!
Rating 5 out of 5

The TAP Wallet™ is set to launch!

Hello Everyone!

We are about to launch the kickstarter campaign for the Tap Wallet!

If you aren’t aware of what this is yet then please head over to this page.

This wallet has been months and months in development and we are so happy to finally be able to launch.

Thank you to all our supporters and let’s hope we can hit the target!

Say bye-bye card clash with the TAP Wallet!