Our Story

The TAP Wallet™ Story

I’ve always wanted to be able to make payments quickly and easily – so I’ve always hated having to tirelessly struggle to pull my wallet from my pocket and fumble around to find my card and make the payment. When contactless arrived I thought: “This is it! We will now be able to pay quickly and easily!” – but how wrong I was! In fact, it opened up two new problems: card clash and wireless ID theft.

What is card clash?

Put simply, if you touch your wallet containing more than one contactless card on a card reader, you could be one of over 2,000 people currently being affected by card clash every day; you may end up getting an error message, paying with the wrong card or even paying twice.

What is wireless ID theft?

This is essentially when a portable card reader is used by thieves to steal your contactless card information straight from your pocket.

With over one million contactless transactions happening every day we are more and more likely to be carrying multiple contactless cards with us at all times. There were no viable solutions to the issues above… and so the TAP Wallet™ was born!


The TAP Wallet™ solves these problems and allows you to use your cards with speed and efficiency. Your card of choice (your Oyster card or the debit card you usually use, for example) is placed in the outer pocket. All other cards inside the wallet are then shielded using special signal-blocking technology. You now know your card of choice is the only card that can be read and can confidently pay – with just a TAP!





My slim, traditional, hand-made, premium leather wallet has six card slots, two note pockets and two coin compartments to hold everything you could ever need and is available in three colours: tan, black and dark brown.



Stop having to fumble around to take your cards out to use them!

Stop living in fear of card clash!

Stop leaving yourself open to RFID fraud!

Start using a TAP wallet today!